North East Streetwear and Creative Urban Culture

At Eighty6 we draw our clothing design influences from tattoo artwork and culture to create exclusive designs for our own-line collection. The Eighty6 Crew is a collective of self-made individuals, each finding success in their respective industry. In the Eighty6 clothing collection you’ll find a mix of different design influences that inspire these limited edition tee designs.

The Eighty6 Scene is a hub of all things creative in Newcastle. We go out and about to meet with the latest up and coming talent from the creative urban culture scene and find out what it really takes to do what they do so well.

Take a look around the website, and if you want to design something for the Eighty6 Crew or be interviewed on The Eighty6 Scene, then hit us up on our Contact page. Follow ‘Eighty6Clothing’ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat for behind the scenes content and competitions.