There’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes at Eighty6 and we’ve seen a few times how easy it is to lose sight of things when you’re trying to be creative at the same time as being strategic. Its important to take a moment and come up for air – taking in some inspiration from what’s around us and think about the bigger picture.

So far in our brand journey, we’ve managed to take the first steps in setting up a streetwear clothing company; we have our launch collection, we’ve shot the collection for the web and social media, we’ve built an ecommerce site and launched our social media campaign (#eighty6crew – ‘The Self-Made Generation’). However, sustaining momentum and building brand awareness is when the hard work really starts.

That’s why the team here at Eighty6 was really pleased to discover Josh Vides of CLSC was launching a new clothing brand and would be sharing his insider tips, step-by-step on Snapchat for one month. Unfortunately we only found out towards the end! So we missed a bit, but the concept is great – its good to share ideas amongst peers as it breeds better quality and helps raise standards in our industry. This is why we want to share as much as possible of our journey moving forward and you can keep up to date with our story here on our blog.

We thought we would kick start this blog series with just a few of our favourite sources of inspiration:

–       Josh Vides on Snapchat (MY.CBL)

Offering an almost formulaic approach to setting up a streetwear brand Josh managed to use Snapchat stories for 30 days to explain how you go about setting up a streetwear business. Josh chose to use Snapchat giving the series an ‘underground’ and ‘in-the-know’ quality – if you hadn’t caught on early (like us!) you missed out on valuable content as it disappeared each day.

His new brand, C.B.L is due to launch on 17th February – although you’re not meant to tell anyone about C.B.L…


So who else can you follow on Snapchat? Eighty6Clothing! Yes we are now on Snapchat and will be sharing behind the scenes videos and pictures on the regular.

–       Hypebeast 100

Last year the writers and editors behind Hypebeast put together their list of the most influential 100 people in the streetwear culture scene. You can filter the 100 by genre such as fashion, music or art, pick what interests you and just spend some time reading through people’s stories, which can lead you into other research routes for inspiration.

hypebeast 100

–       The Impossible Project

Something to keep your ear to the ground for is The Impossible Project; a documentary by Bobby Kim, co-creator of The Hundreds, set to tell the story of the streetwear community. Filming began a year ago and there’s yet to be any further news on release dates, but hopefully it should come soon. Here’s a blog post by the creator of RVSO, a designer who was interviewed for the film.

streetwear doc

–       The Eighty6 Crew

The team at Eighty6 is lucky to be surrounded by some of the North East’s most talented young business people. In our close circle of friends are tattoo artists, musicians, barbers, entrepreneurs and more. The basis of the brand was all about supporting and promoting people like this from the North East, which is where the strapline ‘The Self-Made Generation’ came from. We continue to be inspired daily by new people we meet in our journey, which is what means Eighty6 will continue to grow.


If you’re reading this and have any other good suggestions for Snapchat, blogs or individuals in the streetwear scene who are worth following for entrepreneurial inspiration let us know on social media using #Eighty6Crew.