Friends of Eighty6 and future design collaborators, Richard and Jacky from Red Lunar Records, gave us an insight into life behind running a record label and some of their plans.


Tell us a bit about how you got into working in the club scene

We both met upon working in nightlife in Newcastle, involved in throwing parties for a few different nights, and ended up as friends back at house parties and we have been good friends ever since. It was a natural progression for us both, to go from going out with friends, to putting parties on together as we were part of the same social circle.

How did Red Lunar Records come about?

We both have a passion for quality music, and we both were interested in a new project, other than club nights. The aim is to support talented, up-and-coming artists, acting as a platform for modern and unique acts. Our vision is based upon house and techno music and we believe in the importance of freedom and creativity. As we both shared an interest in looking for a new project, we started talking about a label and decided we would do it together.

What’s your role at Red Lunar Records?

We both have different roles at the label, but work together very well. We catch up on a regular basis even though Jacky lives in London, to update each other on any progress with anything. Obviously Jacky is a touring artist, so he is travelling around Europe on a regular basis, networking and meeting new artists who we can possibly add to the RLR roster. Richard keeps our social network rolling and adds creative artists to our roster for any design work. We both take the reigns for all things considered music, sharing opinions on demos sent in and eventually deciding on tracks to sign to the label. We also added Abby to the team, working behind the scenes and turning our passion into a business.



What are you hoping to achieve with Red Lunar Records?

We didn’t set targets when we first started, we just went with it. We just wanted to release music. The first year was all a learning curve, which we believe we handled very well. We have learnt something from each release, so that’s always a positive. For our second year we have set targets, as we believe we can put into practice what we have learnt from our first year. The good thing about not setting targets in our first year, when we achieved a TOP10 in the Traxsource Tech House chart on our first release, got a few mentions in DJ Mag, and worked with some incredible international artists, it just made us want to achieve more in our second year.

Who do you have signed at Red Lunar Records?

Our first release came from the Italian ‘Di Chiara Brothers’, which featured a remix from Middlesbrough’s ‘Groove Syndicate‘. This track gained fast momentum and climbed its way to Number 7 in the Traxsource Tech House Chart, which we were thrilled about. One half of ‘Groove Syndicate’ is Lee Walker, who has the eyes of the music world looking at him at the minute after just his track ‘Freak Like Me’ (DJ Deeon vs Lee Walker Remix) was named ’ Hottest Record in the World’  on Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac’s show. Our second release came from ‘Straight Ahead Music’ label boss Sascha Sonido. The German was joined on remix duties by Italians ‘ATOVE’ and ‘KATAL’, and our third release was from ‘Hot Creations’ heavyweight Jey Kurmis, with a remix from Manchester’s ‘Class Enemy’.


You’re heading to Ibiza this summer – what do you have planned?

Yeah Jacky will be over in Ibiza for all summer, around 6 months, so he is going to playing in some of the big clubs, so he will be networking all summer for us, looking ahead for our 2017 roster. Richard is looking to head out at some point, and no doubt we will have a RLR party sorted by the summer. Its also a case of allowing the label to be seen as well as heard in Ibiza, so we have a collaboration with ‘Eighty6 Clothing’ coming up, with some tees dropping for summer.

We have a tee coming up together – why did you want to work with Eighty6?

Richard and Stev, Eighty6 Crew head boss, have known each other for years through tattooing. They have a close relationship and have always said they would love to work with each other at one point. The time came around where we had the label, and Stev had his ‘Eighty6’ crew. We followed each other’s projects and it was just something that was seamless and came together. (I had to get a clothing pun in there, sorry) I was really impressed with the Eighty6 website and designs, and what Eighty6 have come up with for our RLR tees are exactly what we had in mind. Jacky will be wearing them in Ibiza, so hopefully Eighty6 will be buzzing when we get the photos back from playing in some of the biggest clubs in the world in front of thousands of people.