The easiest way to communicate the essence of your brand is through visual content, which is why lifestyle photography is so important to us, and any clothing brand! We teamed up with photographer Andrew James Grant to create the photography for our launch collection. The next steps will be to collate all of Andy’s hard work into a look book, which we hope to share with you all really soon! Here’s what Andy had to say about working on the project.


What was the inspiration behind the photo shoots you’ve been doing for Eighty6?

The inspiration behind the photo shoots for Eighty6 came from the high contrast images seen in movies such as Dead Presidents and Straight Outta Compton. Unlike shooting a normal model where lighting and textures have to be soft and complimentary and the focus is on the models face, urban photography allows you to push limits and create an image that portrays a way of life to the viewer without disclosing the model.


How did you manage to create some of the illusions and stylised shots you’ve achieved?

Although a lot of work is done post processing, making sure you have that one image where lighting, focus and depth of field is crucial. Soft light from flashes directed at the clothing allows for shadows to enter the frame and create a gritty image. My favourite images to take for Eighty6 have to be the shots where we included smoke from smoke pellets into the foreground of the image. The challenge was to create enough light for the smoke and subject while leaving the background in darkness. Challenging, but highly rewarding.

levi (1)

Does it always come out first time or is it a case of trial and error?

Unlike working inside a studio where conditions are perfect, a lot of the images are trial and error. A challenging but funny side to creating some of the shots in busy locations around Newcastle is the general public. The levitation shot we took was at Tynemouth metro station overpass and consisted of two different images (both images having to be taken relatively quickly after each other so lighting doesn’t change much). We turned up late at night thinking we would have the place to ourselves, we were wrong. We met “Drunk Dave” who apparently worked for Vogue as a model…

Eighty6text1 (1).jpg

A few of my shots have come out a lot better than I expected, like the product shots with Dean. I thought I was going to take a few images and leave, and instead ended up getting images for the new Star Wars film!!

Eighty6 text 2

What other subjects do you like to photograph?

I really enjoy my landscape photography. It provides a real escape from the artificial world and busy day-to-day lifestyle. I have always loved being out in nature, camping and hiking and to have an excuse to do so now is a bonus!

Blyth Beach

I’ve also enjoyed shooting people’s pets and children as their behaviour is so unpredictable; it’s a real challenge. I would like to venture more into black and white street photography and candid photography, as I have been inspired by other photographer’s work, and the way they have captured a story and emotion in one image of subjects on their day-to-day routine.

We the Generation

Where can people see more of your work?

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Facebook Page: AJG Photography

Instagram: @ajg_exposures

Your contact details for anyone looking to work with you?

You can contact me via any of my social media pages or at


Keep up with Eighty6’s photo shoots and behind the scenes clips on Instagram and Snapchat – our username is Eighty6Clothing on all social media channels.