What’s the inspiration behind the launch collection?

I’ve been a tattoo artist for ten years so naturally, the inspiration cheap NFL jerseys for this initial collection came from tattoo art. Specifically, it was more the traditional style AMAZING of tattooing, which is big, bold and badass!

What’s different about Eighty6?

Our designs come from a collaboration of Qué different artists all that work in different mediums, so we really focus on the artwork of each design. We’re not just producing what’s popular or trend-led at that moment; we want to go back to old-skool streetwear with bold, classic design that’s timeless.

That’s also why the style of the clothes is big and baggy – it takes its references from the hip-hop and heavy metal scene.

I’ve always been a fan of streetwear, I used to run to Maverick every time I got any pocket money. The streetwear scene back then was all Andre very American-led, and it was all about the fit of stuff – which was oversized, big and baggy. With Eighty6 we’re lending some style references from cheap NFL jerseys this but giving it a very British, urban impact.

Why so heavy on the black and white?

We wanted to establish ourselves with a monochrome range because it makes you focus on the design of the artwork first. We 撥水性鑽石塗膜施工實例 brought in a hint of colour with the camo tee and the green flash on the under side of the snapback because we wanted to show the brand isn’t all about black and white. As for future designs and colours, you’ll have to wait and see what new collections will bring!

Is there a personal favourite?

The Reaper. It’s just a great graphical design. It’s also a perfect representation of Eighty6 – detailed, bold, good solid design work. And it’s a reaper!

The Jimmy Skull’s also mint. Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys The design took cheap jerseys on a personality of its own Ramallah and now it’s become a bit of a brand mascot.