Boy Jumps Ship have just signed with Amazing Record Co so we took five minutes with drummer and Eighty6 Crew member, Gav Jerseys to get to know him better, plus talk upcoming tours, new singles and what the future holds for the Newcastle four piece.


Let’s start at the beginning; tell us a bit about how you got into playing the drums.

“I was into all sorts of music when I was a teenager; I liked a lot of hip hop and rap – and I still do. From there though I got into Limp Bizkit, which is a cross over between rap and rock and then I started discovering Nirvana.  And then I just gradually got more and more into rock. I was quite a sporty kid and I broke my leg when I was about 16 I shattered my knee cap so I Hope! started wanting to focus my Candidate attention elsewhere. When I was about 16/17 I started to go to lots of punk shows with dad who was into lots of old punk bands and I began to get really infatuated with the drums. I don’t know whether it was because I couldn’t play the guitar; I did pick the guitar up once and thought: “nae chance”. But then I just knew I wanted to play the drums; like it was some sort of innate thing.

“I also cheap jerseys work in Drum Shop UK, which is pretty cool. We do all sorts of vintage stuff and new stuff.

“I always want to learn and gain more knowledge about drums, cheap jerseys which is probably boring to some people but links I absolutely love everything about it; I love the craftsmanship, the history of drums, as well as the actual instrument and playing itself.”

So big congrats on being signed to Amazing Record Co! What else is going on with Boy Jumps Ship?

“There’s loads going on with Boy Jumps Ship. We just recorded an album in December 2014, which was with a guy called Larry Hibbitt who was a bit of a hero of ours when we were kids.  When we first met cheap jerseys him and first went to play in his studio we were like total fan boys but he’s just an absolute dude! Totally down-to-earth and a really nice guy. So we recorded an album with him, which we’re really proud of and it’s kind of been under wraps for like 6/7 months. We laid low at the start of the year as we had a lot going on behind the scenes. As a result we haven’t been on tour – or we haven’t been playing as many festivals as we would like to play.  But we basically managed to turn everything into a positive and have just finished up our first co-headline tour at the start of October with a band called Only Rivals. Then we jumped on a tour with a band called Young Guns who we all really like and admire, they were really nice guys and it was an awesome run.

We’ve also just shot a video for a song called Make You Proud which hit TV a couple of weeks ago, so it’s on the likes of Kerrang and MTV. It’s funny because it didn’t quite get approved the first time because Si’s giving the finger right in the middle of the video, so they had to re-edit it!

We’ve also just shot another video – and no one knows this – for a song called Burn, which is going to be our first single – which no-one’s really heard yet either. So that will be out at some point soon. After that we’re hoping to jump on as many other tours as possible.

You’ll obviously be stopping in Newcastle, what’s it like playing to the home crowd?

The crowd are loud and into it and everyone’s up for it – and because we’re on last normally everyone’s had a pint or twelve so everyone’s well up for a bit dance and singalong which is great!

There’s obviously big pros and cons to playing in Newcastle because we put loads of pressure on ourselves to play the best show we can play; it’s a really big event and we take it really seriously. After the show we’re always hoping its good but there’s always a buzz around and its mint, especially for people to see the progress you’ve made in the last 6/8 months when they haven’t seen you play, as we like to think that we’re working really hard and hopefully it shows.

So what does the future hold?

For Boy Jumps Ship I think we need a bit of a lucky break. We’ve got the ability and the songs in us that people haven’t heard yet to go on really far, but we just need a rub of the green and that’s exactly the same with Eighty6. The quality’s there, the style’s there and I really think we’re bob on with the timing because I think we’re right on the pulse of what’s going on. So I think things can be massive in both fields, aye.

Finally, whilst we’ve got you here can you give us a sneaky preview into your thoughts on a collab design with Ei6HTy?

It’s got to be the ‘Drum Life’ thing! Basically I started hashtaggin #drumlife on social media because I was putting loads of pictures of drums on as I work in a drum shop – so like, I pure love drums. I get a bit of stick off all the lads for that one so it kind of stuck and became a bit of a thing. There’s also a cube joke with the lads because I can’t draw, I always say in my defense that my specialty is a cube, and I’ve offered to tattoo a cube on them. So I definitely think there will be a cube in there somewhere and there will definitely be #drumlife or some reference to drums. There’s also a lot of skulls being used in Ei6HTy and I’m quite skinny, so I think there could be a skeleton/skull/drums reference!