Eighty6 Launches New Longer Line Tees

grey tee

At Eighty6 we always aim to improve because the quality of our designs and manufacture of our clothing is how we differ from other brands. The latest collection launch saw us release a new shape, fit and quality of tees.

Eighty6 Golden Hannya Design Launch

The new and exclusive Eighty6 Golden Hannya design has been emblazoned on a long sleeve white tee, short sleeve black tee and short sleeve grey tee. This triple drop of colourways are styled to fit much bigger and baggier with a higher quality look and feel. So far this is proving to be one of our most popular launches to date.

Tell Us What You Think

We always like to hear your feedback though so let us know what you think of the new Eighty6 style. We feel this development is step closer to the look and vibe Eighty6 is all about; big, bold and badass!

long sleeve white tee