You recently played in Battle of the Bands at Trillians, Newcastle – how’d it go?

On a whole we had a really good night, it’s not a usual sight seeing a bar/venue full of people for a local only show but me and the lads were pleasantly surprised to see at least 50 people turn up too watch the bands that showcased their talent. RFTK Promotions have done an amazing job at making the public aware of the Metal to the Masses competition and getting punters through the door to watch what the North East has to offer in terms of bands. I have played Trillians a couple of times over the years in previous bands and after its up and down past, it’s great to see it alive and well again. It’s always a pleasure to play there and I hope to do it again soon!

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So you made it to the semi-final – congrats!! Who else is through and how did it play out?

Yeah we managed to make it through to the semis! The other band who made it through from our heat is a band called “Dirty King” – they played a sick set! Who went through was a 50/50 vote split between three judges and a decibel meter in the venue was set up to record the volume of cheers from the crowd. I guess we got enough praise from the audience to send us through too the next heat! I’m unsure what other bands have went through from the other heats, however I am positive that the semis are going to be a close one!

What’s the plan for the semi-final? Is there a plan or is it just go out and do what you do best?

Our album has a vast variation of tracks so it is always hard to pick a set, so depending on what other bands we play with and what we assume the crowd’s tastes to be, we can somewhat play a more heavy/more melodic set. So once we have confirmation of the other bands who we are up against we will determine a set that we think will stand out from the others. After all, it is a competition! Also once the event has been finalised I will be sure to invite the Eight6Crew and hopefully they cheer the loudest for Guardian haha!

What do the overall winners get?

The winners of the Metal to the Masses competition get to play their set at this year’sBloodstock Festival – which SLAYER happen too be headlining. Fingers crossed eh!?!

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It’s pretty awesome that the debut album for Guardian is available to listen to on YouTube – any personal favourite tracks?

My personal favourite track from the album has got to be either Politics or Propaganda. Lyrically “Propaganda” in my opinion is the strongest on the album and “Politics” is most definitely the most fun song to play live – a set without “Politics” isn’t a set worth playing!

How was it like making your first album?

The whole process from writing the material, (both musically and lyrically) pre-production, re-writing and final recording was a long one at best. The album was actually well under way before our debut EP “Tyrants” was released. I believe one of the first things I ever wrote for Guardian was the pattern that you hear in the opening of the track “Revolution”. We did everything ourselves, by that I mean we recorded, mixed and mastered all the material you hear on both the EP and the album. All in all, the entire album took around 18 months to write and pre-produce. After everything was finalised I tracked all the guitars over the longest five days of my life. Me and Cory (our bassist) sat up from 9am until 4am every day for just under a week recording guitars. The bass was recorded over a less-strict time frame as the instruments were done in Cory’s house in Leeds. I tracked Matthew’s vocals at my house in Northumberland over a two week period as we didn’t want him to blow his voice out screaming for 10 hours a day! I personally have never worked so hard towards anything in my life than I have for our debut album and I truly believe that you can hear that when you listen to “Revolution” so if you haven’t done so already, go check it out and if you dig what you hear you can buy it from most major online music platforms.

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Have you had any airtime play?

The man himself Alex Baker from Kerrang! Radio played the title track from our album “Revolution” for four or five weeks straight and then played the second single released from the album “Innovate” (which we have a music video for) for a couple weeks running. That was an extremely proud moment for us, not only being played once but to be played multiple times was incredible. That, and in his own words, he referred to Guardian as “Shred Lords” and “Absolute riff machines” comparing us too the likes of Machine Head and Lamb of God.

So you mentioned earlier you can now download the album – time for the plug! – Where?

For sure! Our debut album is out and readily available at all major online music platforms such as: iTunes, Google play, Amazon, Deezer and our official Band Camp. You can also stream the album in full via our YouTube channel and Spotify. Hard copies are also available from our official Big Cartel.